God, Family, Business Foundation/ A SMART 501 C-3 fiscal sponsor corporation. God Is Love... "Spread Love." 
  1. The Risen initiative will help newly released inmates and their families to rise above their circumstances and get transitional housing, food, mental health services and job skills training. 
  2. TLG ELITE youth will Train and Learn how to become Great through programs including academy sports training, technology, the arts & science and mechanical skills training for trades to diffuse the poverty cycle of the less fortunate thus giving them an opportunity to education only afforded to the privileged. 
  3. Youth who have parents who are incarcerated will also have mental health services provided to them which contributes to our non violent platform. 
  4. Partnerships and Sponsors already include neighboring host Churches, schools and local businesses. I appreciate your love and support. TLG God Bless 🙏🏾❤️